September 1 in China will begin AI-Nationalization

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

While the President of the United States persuades Europe to rally against China’s attempts to become the only superpower, China prefers to conversations concrete actions.

Three years ago came true

✔️ There are big data — there are AI

✔️ no big data — no ii

According to China’s new policy,

New legislation provides authorities freedom of action to determine which confidential information will be considered important for the state. And if it is recognized as important, the state in the right to do with it as he wants. First of all, it will concern the data from the following areas: financial risks management, monitoring of viral epidemics, support for government financial priorities, monitoring criminals and political opponents. And this list of data nationalization areas is open and will expand, if so consider the PDA.

It will concern not only large data collected by Chinese companies.

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The author of Longrid (Linling Wei) gave her work a very accurate and thin name «China’s New Power Play: More Control of Tech Companies’ Troves of Data». «Power Play» here can have two values:


P.S. There is little doubt that Russia will also hold an AI-nationalization. And not only Russia.