Russia — Klondike scientific ideas … for China

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The essence of two amazing news is such.

It sounds incredible, but the fact. And to clarify this, you need to figure out the context.

This year, the United States finally understood that China does not just intend to make them in the next 10 years, but has good reasons. It also became clear that the main weapon in the battle for the status of the only superpower will be scientific and technical potential. And therefore the United States is trying throughout where it is possible to overlap the streams of scientific and technological ideas from the United States to China, both through the university line and in business.

China also new promising scientific and technological ideas are needed as air. They are Mastaki adjustment and industrial development of breakthrough ideas. Own sources of such ideas, for example, in Shanghai or the pearl river delta, until they can compete with the shark by silicone valley and haastures living around the Boston «highway 128».

Unfortunately, China’s Communist Party, even the most sophisticated industrial espionage and dense work with diasporas cannot guarantee a constant inflow to China promising scientific and technological ideas from around the world. But the PDA has a weapon and twist. This is service

«Diplomats on science and technology» play a unique role in China’s acquisition strategy for the acquisition of technologies, forming a bridge between foreign and domestic organizations.

And now, finally, the news.

It is obtained by analyzing the activities of the «diplomats on science and technology» service, acting as brokers in the framework of China’s wider strategy for the acquisition of foreign technologies. Each year, these «diplomats» are submitting hundreds of official reports on their activities. Cset analyzed 642 such reports filed by the science and technology of Chinese embassies and consulates from 2015 to 2020.

The purpose of the analysis was a quantitative assessment of:

According to the results of the analysis conducted by CSET experts, answers were received on both questions.

The strongest «Wishlist» of China in three areas:

The most active donors of scientific and technological ideas:

How many in each country for each of the «Wishlists» of joint projects is shown in the post-opening schedule.

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