Route with oligarchs and rampage

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Debate over

This is a change in the PDA Strategy:

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It became too much, according to the PDA, these «some» — in China, for a third more than billionaires (more than 1 thousand) than in the United States. And too, they are get rich — private business only Bigteha enterprises are almost 40% of GDP.

«To understand what is happening in China, you need to understand that in China, state-capitalism. This means that the state manages the development of capitalism in the country in the interests of most people. And that politicians will not allow rich capitalists to interfere with them to do what, in their opinion, is better for most people in the country. More precisely, capitalists and capitalists working in the capital markets must understand their subordinate place in the system, otherwise they will suffer from the consequences of their mistakes. For example, they do not need to mistakenly take their wealth for power, allowing to determine how to do business «

The new strategy of China is announced — «excessive» and «unreasonable» income of those who mistakenly take their wealth for power, «will redistribute in favor of most people with the help of capital gains, wealth, property and inheritance.

For those who do not support a new strategy, the state has not only fiscal measures. Understanding this, Chinese billionaires beat donation records for «Improving society and poverty reduction»: $ 2.2 billion from Xiaomi, $ 2.3 billion from Meituan, and Pony Ma (Tencent) last week doubled the amount of donation at $ 7.7 billion

But just donations and taxes are not enough.

In principle, to deprive the company of Bigteha exhausts from earnings on personal data, they intend to decline them. Chinese regulators are considering the possibility of providing pressure on the company BIGTEKH, so that they

Those. or Bigtech companies themselves give their data, or they will have insurmountable problems with the placement of shares abroad (

More about that «who is next, and what’s next», you can read in the manual «