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22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

I search for other reason on other planets project

Meanwhile, a series of recent discoveries put a cross on the concept of cognitive exceptionality Homo Sapiens. We are not a crown of nature, but only one of the possible options of the mind created by evolution on various «technical presses». In addition to people, there are representatives of still three options for reason, demonstrating complex behavior, in many respects, not inferior to people, and in something superior (I wrote in detail in detail

There is the only one, but for now an irresistible barrier for contacting people with a different type of mind.

Attempts to understand the language of other kind of cetaceans are even longer than attempts to find aliens in the framework of the SETI project. And just as unsuccessful.

And then there was a breakthrough. New project with intentionally similar to SETI name

At the end of the post will be links where you can learn the details of the project.

Here I will write about the main thing —

1) Contact means an understanding of the language.

2) Understanding the language of cetaceans implies the opportunity to decline their «ABC Morse» whistles and clicks. The fact that with their help they exchange information (very quickly and very accurately) — the established fact. But all attempts to understand the code are in vain. It is not clear that even the language is at all. And there is a feeling of complete deadlock.

3) reasons for a dead end.
A) their tongue is arranged incomprehensible to people. To understand the inhuman «coding system» you need inhuman intelligence, because people are looking for only what they themselves understand (more detail


5) However, the presence of inhuman AI is not enough. Dolphin language decryption projects with AI are already going to the United States and China. But

Well, in addition to overcoming deadlocks a and b, a bunch of techno frills.

Read the details and see here.

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