Revealed the secret of the attractiveness of horror

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Two breakthrough effects of this discovery.


A horror source can be any.


The new hypothesis explaining the experiment carried out is.

The study concerned the so-called.

For many years, researchers suspected that they understood perfectly well in Hollywood, and even earlier I described the genius of Pushkin:

Scientists understood that physiological arousal — the increase in the pulse and the emission of hormones in the brain can play a key role in explaining why so many people find recreational fear so attractive.

Usually, fear is considered negative (and disgusting) emotion arising to protect people from damage to them and designed to keep us away from dangers. And if it is neither paradoxical, but people often seek frightening experiences exclusively in entertainment purposes. But numerous previous studies of such a recreational fear could not establish a direct connection between pleasure and fear.

The new naturized experiment was carried out live in the «House with Ghosts», where the camcorder was observed behind the subjects and the monitoring of their heart rhythm was conducted. Immediately after the visit, people responded to the questionnaire, estimating the ratio of the level of fright and pleasure from each meeting with the exquisite horrors of «at home with ghosts».

Because Fear is associated with large and relatively long-term deviations from the expected physiological state of the body, and pleasure — with smaller and not so long-term deviations, — this can completely explain the most difficult interweaving in us fear and pleasure. Results of research are particularly interesting in the context of the newest

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