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21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

O recently

However, rejoicing for the cyber-power of Russia, do not forget about, to put it mildly,

Using the example of the World Cup of Football, this technique would mean something like this.

Now replace Brazil and Germany in the United States and China, and Spain on the UK and get the NCPI index in which Russia has the intentions of the 4th place, and in terms of the possibilities to realize these intentions of the 10th. Those. Almost both in the famous toast.

With such a discrepancy between intentions and opportunities, Russia in the report of the Belfer Center is part of (continuing the analogy with football)

In a leading group

As part of the Group

According to the report, the priority goal of the cyber-power of Russia is

And the best opportunities in Russia (regarding the possibilities of other countries) in

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