Political opponents will be slipping in social networks

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Analyzing the «normal» coronavirus by the «Delta» version of the «normal» coronavirus is a convincing and understandable example of the fact that the virus with a large R0 aggressive and more dangerous virus with a smaller value of the reproduction index.

The same pattern is valid not only for pandemic, but also for info.

In the modern hyper-associated world, social media has become the dominant physician. Almost 4 billion people around the world now use social networking platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, social networks have become one of the main ways of accessing people to the news and reports to them «messages» from politicians and celibriti.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a number of researchers a number of researchers observed in many developed countries are primarily associated with avalanche-like propagation of social networks.

However, on this issue there is an opposite opinion.

Some researchers believe that social networks only reflect and, perhaps somehow increase the manifestation of processes that are born and developing in the invasive offline life (

I repeatedly wrote on this topic, justifying the first of the named heuristic hypotheses with the unique properties of network media.

This new infocommunication environment in the history of humanity (algocognitive) is not a passive medium of information exchange, but an active controlled network environment, which is largely determining the methods and nature of information sharing.

One of the characteristic distinctive properties of the Algocognitive Medicine (and social networks is one of the most common types today) are infocuses — viral dissemination of information (news, memes, statement ideas, etc.) on social network (about other distinctive properties of algocognitive mediars, see . Series of my posts about

As for pandemic in the offline, the key indicator of the degree of viritic infocases (speed and scale of their distribution) serves

Fixing it, turn to the results

Analyzed more than 2.7 million tweets and posts on Facebook, the authors of the study set the following.

This means that the strategy of the nesting of political opponents («strangers», «nice», etc.), on average, 6 times increases R0 infidemia hate to them from «their», «ours», etc.

This study is one of the first to use «big data» to study the psychology of the content of the content of the content for

Sander Wang der Linden, one of the authors of the study, professor of social psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Cambridge.

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