People can learn to «see» ears, like dolphins

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


Breakthrough experimental result published yesterday in

This breakthrough is needed, of course, write Longrid. But still quite briefly about this opening.

After 15 years of study, blind from birth, a fifty-year-old man under the code name Mom can now «see» ears (ie by hearing).

Mom has passed extensive training on using the visual sensor replacement device called eyemusic — this is an application and a mini-chamber that transmits colors, forms and location of objects by converting images to «sound landscapes», which the brain can interpret visually. In «sound landscapes», musical notes (sound height) and time are presented, respectively, along the axes y and x — the sounds of a higher tone denote a more remote location, and the order of the sounds in time corresponds to the location from left to right.

Researchers found that as a result of training, neural chains in the brain, Mom formed so-called. Topographic maps — the type of brain organization, which was previously thought, occurs only in infancy.

Two discoveries follow from this.

These discoveries are the most important experimental confirmation: