Peace Chimera

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Going to a shift — these are hybrids:

✔ ‘human body and other bodies;

✔️ human brain and someone else’s mind;

✔️ our shower and other people’s senses.

About them

Will be told:

It will be a clock story with a presentation, after which I will answer all your questions given live.

▪️ about their digital individuals, culture and pastime;

▪️ about their clothing, furniture, gadgets and housing;

▪️ about their lives and interactions with each other and with other «normal» people;

▪️ about virtual leading, digital infoensors, 3D bloggers, robots in bank offices — about all these new entities that were not on Earth just a few years ago.

So, in addition to my speech, there will be a lot of little known and extremely interesting —

It is useful to know each reader.

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