PAX Americana is no longer, and the chances of Pax Sinica grow

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Last May I wrote — «

After 15 months, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the forecast will be confirmed only by two thirds.

The crisis did not bring the foundation of China’s national relics — a single and indispensable political and economic course and the generally accepted leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Moreover. China turns into world superpower No. 1.
For the key role of such a superpower —

Being afraid, these civilizational samples form new relations of states, societies and individuals.

These are these three new master class of China for the whole world.

Let’s look at them more closely.

About nationalization of data from September 1, 2021 I already

According to China’s new policy, the big data collected by the business should be considered as a nationwide asset that can be used or, on the contrary, is classified, in accordance with the needs of the state. Thus, China recognizes large data by another national strategic asset of China, along with land, workforce and capital.

The fact that this sample will be extremely attractive to the countries of Russia, it is difficult to doubt.

But in the countries of the United States such as difficulties may arise — confrontation in the Bigtech (digital giants of a big business). However, this is sample number 2.

This is a demonstratively tight use of state regulation of large companies (from antitrust legislation to laws on the rights of consumers), in order to quickly turn them out of the wayward technological giants in «obedient poodles» (white and fluffy). At the same time, as the Economist writes,

As regulatory authoritarianism is introduced in China, and how creatively adopt in the USA, you can read

However, the goal of regulatory authoritarianism is not only to «break the horns» technicians in the nationalization of data.

The idea of «industrial policy» is that the government should direct resources in the industry, which are crucial for national interests, and not leave it at the discretion of the market.

Once industrial policy was very common among market democracies. The Government of Western European countries owned control packages of the shares of many companies. And the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan influenced almost all important sectoral solutions.

However, in recent decades everything has changed, and they began to forget about industrial policies. The locomotive and legislator of the economy became a big business.

But it became not everywhere. In China, industrial policy flourished. And the United States only from this year began to actively implement this sample (see

China Industrial Policy Goal

The goal of the USA is other

And therefore, the chances of replicating these samples are no less high than for the already perceived pattern of the sample, becoming a Surveillance Capitalism for the Earth civilization (Surveillance Capitalism, the last obstacles to the widespread spread of which were swept by a pandemic.

So if there is still a chance for the world not to turn into PAX SINICA — so it

And then for world leadership, completely different civilizational samples may be required.