Paradigm shift of world espionage

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

In the 21st century, a revolution occurred in global espionage, the essence of which was put into the subtitle. And since the world espionage becomes a key element of a new global technological reality (with its hybrid wars of all against everyone for accessing the latest technologies), the value of the occurred paradigm shift is difficult to overestimate.

The world consists of networks. In business is a network of suppliers and customers. In science — networks of universities and research centers. In education — the network of students and teachers … The further, the these networks are becoming more and more difficult and more difficult.

The development of information technologies transferred all these networks into the figure (made digital). Now these are digital chains of supply chains in business, scientific articles in science, online training in education …


This method of opening of unborn customers is called

So (on the conclusion of the US Securities):

And even earlier, the first large attack on the RSA supply chain was happening in 2011. This attack launched the process of the global revolution in espionage. And today, when the ten-year term of non-disclosure agreements ended (NDA), Wired has published

It is worth reading on the weekend.

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