Opening in the brain Zona Incerta puts the question

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The scheme of work Zona Incerta is shown in the figure.

At mice, the work of the scheme was verified experimentally. People are likely to work in a similar way.

That. It suggests that

But not everything is so simple. And such a conclusion is a strong simplification of the actual mechanism (algorithm) developed by evolution. And it is even possible that for understanding the true algorithm we will not have enough mathematics, nor the concepts of our concepts («Many things are not clear to us, not because our concepts are weak; but because these things are not included in our concepts»).

It is believed that both are the fruit of evolution. We evolved to adapt to the world of uncertainties. Curiosity can be likened

Finally, there are 2 types of curiosity:

✔️ T.O. Situational interest is like hunger, thirst, security needs or desire to multiply.

✔️ while curiosity entails us to research conceptual worlds. We rejoice, for example, symmetry and clean beauty of mathematical models. Smart theorem can make us much more than a piece of chocolate.

Curiosity is a direct manifestation of the motivation of children to understand the world and build his model. Curiosity leads us to the fact that, as we think we can learn. His opposite, boredom, distracts us from what we already know, or from areas in which, according to our past experience, is unlikely to have something that we can teach.

Summarize all of the above can be so.


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