Opened «Theory of Relativity of the XXI Century»

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

9 years ago I predicted that

9 years have passed, and so it happened — the drum published in Nature Physics work, in which the principles of the «network theory of relativity» are formulated. It is called

In the work of the drum, everything is as «elegantly simply», as well as his great girl Einstein.

1) We live in a 3-dimensional world, in which it is not enough to know their «wiring» to describe network structures, described by the adjacency matrix (which node with which is connected). In real networks (neurons of the brain, the circulatory system, etc.) of the nodes should not intersect (in order to avoid «short circuits» on the network).

2) the authors of work — Barabashi and Co, — introduced a new concept, which, as it were, the physical «curvature» of the 3-dimensional network —

3) Elastic energy of the physical network linearly depends on the number of relationships of the graph, from which it follows that each «ball» makes an independent contribution to the total energy. Network isotopy allows you to analytically calculate

4) The authors managed to find a direct connection between isotopy and the energy structure of the network, establishing that isotopic classes are separated from each other by various energy pits.

5) As a result, 1-4, the authors came to the concept

6) Applying a new theory in practice, the authors found that the mouse brain connector is much more confused than expected, based on the hypothesis of optimal wiring, widely used in modern brain science.

The consequences of this discovery may not be less than the opening of the theory of relativity and quantum confusion. For life, mind, and all our world — oh, how difficult it (which symbolize the name of this channel

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