On the approaches to the film processor of the mind

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

First, I will explain about the film projector.




Two new works of freak and co. Promise the great revolution in neurovalization of reason processes. Instead of a diaprotector, even a video tape recorder, capable of showing movies. A miracle video player is invented with built-in video search by keywords, semantic images, place, time, etc. This miracle program shows processes that cannot be seen any of the existing methods of neurovalization:

I will explain on the example.

On the front side (console) of the 4 first generations of «real computers» (mainform) there were a lot of light bulbs, the blinking of which unknown correlated with what the computer did, performing specific programs.

What do you think, it was possible to understand this flashing, what makes the computer?

Alas, no (although an experienced operator, looking at the console, could determine that the computer is freezing).

And then is it possible to understand the performance of the computer (or at least one of its integrated circuit) by defining all the physical connections of the elements and calculating all sorts of correlations between the data at the inlet / outlet and the communication and computational dynamics of the entire set of arithmetic-logical elements and memory elements?

Alas, but also no (and all such attempts ended with nothing).

In addition, in accordance with

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