New «Great Chinese Cyber Strategy»

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

20 years ago US President Clinton said:

But China managed to do this under the wise leadership of President SI, convinced of the «unprecedented impact of the Internet for sovereignty and security.»

The «Great Chinese Firewall» was significantly strengthened. The «Great Cannon» was created and involved — a powerful tool for DDoS attacks. Dozens of intellectual content analysis systems and digital censorship have been developed and set on round-the-clock duty.

As a result, 70% of the 1.4 billion Chinese (this is 3 times more than the US population) use the Internet for work, consumption and entertainment, experiencing a «sense of satisfaction, happiness and security», and PDA plans to become the main cybersille of the world by 2035.

And all because, as I wrote the head of the Cyberspace Administration of China Zhuang Rongwene, —

It would seem that still need to PDA and the president si? But what.

New «Great Chinese Cyber Strategy» is significantly further

For transformation into absolute cyberridge, three new tasks are set:

Integral goal (how to formulate Adam Segal Director of Digital & Cyber Program Center Lipman Chair Emerging Technolgies) —

In the new project of the updated state of China on online services:

As a result, you can state.

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