Modern AI is a toy dog

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

✔️ AI does not know that snowmen do not run, is such a sad outcome of 63 years of development AI [

✔️ Machine Learning — a modern alchemy [

✔ «Strong AI is not a Haip, and Fake, and it is impossible to create [

If you mix (but not shabby) these three of my post, decorated with the received cocktail with an excellent scientific syllable and the authority of the professor of computer sciences of a number of universities Melanie Mitchell, — will be excellent.

About p. 4 (about which I write more than all) Mitchell very clearly texts.

This crucial phrase will be illustrated by a simple and understandable example —

And it is 100%, but is transferred to all modern practical attempts to implement strong AI.

Article Mitchell:

Thanks for watching! Put husky I.