Mind is a physical design or «shape» of the soul?

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

In a Hamburg account, there is no generally accepted answer to this question. And as showed the first professional battle of two recognized professionals:

Consequently, the continuation of discussions within each of the two insulated paradigms:


Beautiful illustration of this output is Battle

Amazing, but the philosopher — the theoretical of the father, engaged in the problem of reason and consciousness all his life and writing a dozen book about it, is considered one of the world’s best prototers in the world of the materialistic paradigm. And the practice — neurosurgeon Egnora all his 40 years experience convinced in the opposite — that God exists, and that the mind is Reaen.

Prof. Papino is confident that the so-called «explanatory gap» is just a manifestation of intuitive belief in the truth of dualism. The point is not that the identity of the mind and the brain is difficult to explain — they are simply difficult to believe in them.

And prof. Egnor argues that dualism is not a misconception at all, but the fact: the mind is not the same type of entity as the brain. The awareness of this fact helps us to understand why people with a split brain or only half the brain can lead a normal mental life and why people with massive and irreversible brain damage can remain conscious. So the dualistic approach in matters of reason is not just an intuitive choice. This approach is based on experimental evidence. Regardless of whether we consider dualism with a terrible chimera, we can observe it in experiments.

In fact, this watch battle brings the line under endless discussions on this issue.

Everything is said, and then you need to «either a cross to remove, either panties to wear»:

However, listen to this battle yourself (1 hour 5 minutes).

And since both professors texture be healthy as not easy, ladies also references to the marked and annotated stenographic brifs of five rounds of Batla: [