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Man’s immersion technologies in the changed state of consciousness already exist. For example, transcranically focused ultrasound (TFUS) or the inclusion of neural feedback encouraging the desired changed perception of reality. But there is a problem.

The first scientific confirmations of the real influence of spiritual processes during meditation to the physiological characteristics of the body were obtained by Herbert Benson in the 80s.

Who does not know, read «as a scientific attempt to demise the Buddhist meditation gave amazing results,» and there see the advanced film trailer about it (

Research Benson Intensive Technology

These effects were subsequently twice independently confirmed in 2000 and 2013.

A breakthrough in understanding, as the brain makes it, began to form with the advent of new means of neurovalization: functional and structural MRI. And over the past five years, it seems to break out — research that detects the correlation of neuron activity with a variety of physiological, cognitive and behavioral effects of meditation, went with a jam.

The main conclusion of all these studies was the understanding of what you need to look for, and what you need to look — what exactly changes in the brain as a result of different types of meditation.

In the process of meditation, there is a change in the functional association of two networks:

As a result, switching between two named networks is facilitated.

Tibetan monks call such a process


Such work opens the fantastic prospects for creating technologies to gain superpowers available only by Tibetan monks after many years of practice.