Japanese view of breakthrough technologies of the next 20 years

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


And the Chinese are extremely politicized, forced to take into account the official CCP line.

European technological forecasts — bureaucratic imitation of meaningfulness.

Only Japanese technological forecasts, in my opinion, deserve attention (taking into account the fact that any technoprognosis is to throw darts with eyes closed to the moving target).

Nistep forecast describes:

✔️ 37 of the most important new technologies that are expected to appear by 2040 (in the picture on the side of the TOR10 of them)

✔️ 16 specialized areas of studies on which Japan should focus in the future (on the picture on the right TOR8 of them)

Finish this forecast. After all, if he comes true, in the next decade, in particular, will appear:

Assess the quality of today’s forecast of the Japanese (and all other countries) can be only after 10-20 years. And therefore argue now with critics of the new forecast of the Japanese not productive.

However, I suspect that few of the possible critics are familiar with the past Japanese forecasts, made 10-20-30-40 years ago (a certificate of these forecasts is shown in the figure below, and the site of Nistep and Google Translete can help in detail in detail. .

I believe that only ignorance of the history of Nistep forecasts (like any ignorance) can motivate today’s critics of a new Japanese forecast.

For in my experience (I follow the forecasts of Nistep since 1974) — these are the most accurate of all global forecasts for technology development.

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