Intelligent war

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

This topic, how surely my readers are guessing, for me, highly prioritative. Alas, but the overwhelming number of strategic analysts do not want to see the two most important grounds for the transformation of China in the world authoritarian leader of new technologies. Although both of these foundations are more than serious.

These are these two grounds.

This is the most integral and specific strategic doctrine of technological dominance in the world since

Take a look at the attached structure of this doctrine (translation from the Chinese Peter Wood), in order to understand how serious it is.

Unlike the political correct West, China does not pull the apron, but directly declares the goals of his new military doctrine. There is no doubt about the ethical and risks of autonomous systems. But the most important thing is that the Chinese clearly formulate —

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It is the intellectual confrontation that is now a dominant factor determining the outcome of operations.

Intellectual War is not just a digital battlefield

Methods of hostilities change dramatically

The key factor in the intellectual war is the autonomy of unmanned systems.

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