Intelligent blindness is treated

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

If humanity is destined to die, then the reason for this will not be a virus, war or climate change. All this is only the consequences of the main cause of the most terrible human troubles (both past and future).

It is she, and not the superlaster of Homo, underlies splits and wars, tensions and massacres, hatred and social, religious and other conflicts.

The urgentness of delusions is a fairness of reinforced concrete hardness of erroneous judgments and representations, «does not allow us to change them, despite any rational arguments and facts of reality. As a result, a person is intellectually blind, what I wrote in detail in Longride «

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Such a breakthrough output

The purpose of the new work was the decision of the principal riddles.

In other words.

A new study is responsible for this question.

5) Key findings of work Such:

Suppose, passing all the necessary checks, in the near future, people will be offered the opportunity to get rid of delusions, lowering the width of their erroneous beliefs with the help of new generation neuroleptics. How many beneficial effects could have been on humanity, you can only dream.

But there is a problem.

There is no study in this problem. There everything is extremely specifically and clear.

Errors are beliefs (in a probabilistic sense) derived from conclusion, and at the same time

But in life, everything is not so simple.

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I wonder — what other drugs need to be invented to solve these problems?