In Russia will create a real AI

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Artificial intelligence becomes the basis for a jerk in the development of mankind. At the same time, Russia is able to become one of the global leaders in this area. So says Vladimir Putin, who said it in recent performances.

The most important question from this connection is

In many ways, it will depend on Herman Gref, who has reported to the president about the soon opening «Sber» of the first in Russia

At the beginning of this year I

Summary of this vision (in my interpretation) is such.

General destination (Schmidhuber calls his «real artificial intelligence» — Research Institute) already created in the startup of Schmidhuber Nnaisense. This research is learned and improved by interacting with the outside world and is an incessant process of perception and response (actions) associated with the need to achieve certain results. Research and creativity has artificial curiosity and creativity, independently puts the problems and outlines goals. In addition, research has already been conscious. For this is nothing more than a simple and natural side product of compression in the memory of the history of personal experience of observations by effective coding. Researchs are also able to love, because Love is just an extreme form of cooperation.

Now we do not have sufficient computing power to scale the Research Institute to the possibilities of an adult human brain. And therefore, today is still at the baby level. But every 5 years, computing power is getting 10 times. And soon computers will appear with the computational capabilities of the human brain and superior to it. After that, even people who host the most important and responsible decisions will be replaced by the Research Institute.

We are on the threshold not a new industrial revolution, but a new form of life. Approximately 2050 people will surpass a person throughout the spectrum of cognitive abilities. Possessing superhuman Research Institute of Implemented Robots will begin to create new fellow resistant to extreme temperatures. This will allow them to leave the earth. And since the animated algorithms will be transmitted in space at the speed of light, the new look will begin to master the cosmos and build on the entire galaxy of the self-reproducing factory.


Interesting is a vision for the supervisor of the Institute of AI. The coordinated technoutopism, which resembles Kurzweal and even superior to it in terms of the vision of the future of mankind in the role of insects unnecessary for the Research Institute — the clouds of useless creatures that are not worthy of over-mind.

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