In consciousness lives one person, and in the subconscious — several

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Imagine. You were invited to participate in the focus group discussing questions about the relationship to same-sex marriage, to the «Crimea» slogan, to the poisoning of Navalny and to Stalin, as an «effective manager.»

You were prepared as followed (thought, read, listened to the media) and came to the focus group with your ** conscious ** position: so, so and so.

Opening Michael Balry


At the same time, in addition to the psychological processes are conscious, we roll

To identify and measure the conscious processes, direct questions are set on the merits.

For implicit processes needed

For example, an implicit associative IAT test. Its essence in calculating the difference between the speed of sorting related pairwise bipolar categories or objects with two versions of their combinations with bipolar attribute categories. The subject is invited to respond to contrast category of type «Young — Old», «Man — Woman», «nice — unpleasant», etc.

Key question research:



The answer obtained in the study is amazing.

This means that in our consciousness, as it were, one person lives. And in the subconscious, there are several of them.

Which of them will come forward and take the dominant role depends on the integral combination of different subconscious processes.

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