Ignorance about knowing is inherent not only to fools

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

E as a man asked the boiling point of mercury, most likely, he will not answer. For he knows that he does not know the answer. But if you ask the capital of Scotland, many will think that they know the answer. And they will call … Glasgow, whereas is Edinburgh. And Glasgow — only inaccurate information falling in the brain and its presence generating

Everyone knows that cognitive distortion is bad, for they do not allow us to see an objective picture of the world and himself. The most common and, perhaps, the most influential from cognitive distortion is considered the «Effect of Dunning-Kruger» (EDC), about which even aria in Opera is.

In everyday life, EDC is interpreted as

A similar interpretation is not so far from scientific, where the EDC is determined by approximately so.

About it is both great.

«Ignorance more often gives rise to confidence than knowledge»

«One of the unpleasant properties of our time is that those who are confidential, stupid, and those who have at least some imagination and understanding, are fulfilled in doubt and indecision»

▪️ EDC is not at all about «stupid or incompetent people who do not know that they are stupid and incompetent,» and not about «ignorant people who are very arrogant and confident in their ignorance.» And generally speaking,

▪ ▪ In addition, the EDC is not even a cognitive brain distortion, since a similar effect is experimed in a random data generated by a computer.

▪ Rather, the EDC is a consequence of how the results of observation and accuracy of self-esteem are measured. And this accuracy turns out to be quite low. For example, my assessment, how well I passed the test today, may change tomorrow if my mood changes. And as a result, my self-confidence can shaken. Thus, any measurement of self-esteem to some extent unreliable, which does not allow to reliably separate the really existing psychological effect on the context of the experiment. And if you remove this unreliability from measurements, you find out that



But if so, and the EDC is nothing to do with

The reasons are two:

But this is another story about which there will be a separate post.

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