«Humanity is again at the crossroads of history»

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Yesterday Digichina.

For me, the main thing in the 2nd legislatively fixed principles.


The new law concerns far from China.

As I already wrote, the key goal of China, applying to become superpower No. 1 — not only technological and economic leadership, but also

Three civilization samples for the imitation of the «civilization of a new type» (namely, China Si Jincin called during the celebrations about the 100th anniversary of China’s Communist Party)

✔️ Nationalization of data.

✔️ Regulatory authoritarianism.

✔️ industrial policy.

Now another sample was added to them:

✔️ monopoly on cyberraft and cybersecurity.

Systemity and synergy of civilizational samples presented by China to the world is, in fact, the basic elements


I believe that this is a threat not only for America. The new Chinese samples for imitation and for democrats, and for autocrats, and for totalitarian dictators, are difficult.

I suppose this particularly meant the chairman of C, saying that