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22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

If you have ever seen the memorization competition, probably, asked themselves — damn, how do they do it? How can they remember the mass of random numbers, pictures or facts for such a short time?


Answer the question — how they do it, — can help the sensational news capable, besides, be extremely useful for many of you, allowing you to improve memory.

As the study showed several Australian universities [

The memorization technique «Palace of Memory», which has become superpopular after the television series of the Sherlock Air Force, is based on the mental attachment of information to the physical objects located in a certain virtual room (in the case of Holmes, it was an imaginary attic).

Holmes describes Watson to memorize the information necessary for him.

«… it seems to me that the human brain is like a little empty attic, which you can arrange as you want. Fool nataschili to any junk, which comes handy and useful, necessary things have nowhere to stick, or in the best case before them amidst all this blockage and not to dig. A sensible person carefully selects what he puts into his brain attic. He will only tools you’ll need it to work, but there will be many, and all of it will spread out in perfect order. In vain people think that this little room, elastic walls and can extend indefinitely. I assure you that the time will come, when acquiring new, you’ll forget something from the former. Therefore terribly important that unnecessary information is not displaced with a right. «

Remembering Australian Aboriginal

Like Holmes, Australian aborigines tie the units of information to subjects in three-dimensional space (only they do not have a closed room, and the surrounding landscape). In addition, the equipment of the memorization of Aborigines (and in this its fundamental advantage over the mnemonic of the English detective and «small Greeks») adds a told story, which describes the memorable facts in binding to their location on the imaginary path.

It is especially pleasant for me that a new study not only confirmed the perfection of the mnemonics of the Australian Aborigines.

It also:

Here is a 3-minute fragment of my story about the technique of memorization in binding to the objects of the landscape, told the story and the path of following, in which I recommend to try this technique for myself.

If you want to learn more about how to use mnemonic methods in the learning process — here are two good resources on this topic:

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