How far to human-like AI?

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Batalia around this question rests in an obvious contradiction.

If even profile specialists in AI are not at least in words to resolve this contradiction, then what to talk about non-specialists. After all, understand how far before the emergence of human-like AI, is important literally for everyone. For this will affect everyone when (as experts convince) people will begin to lose profession one for another: from social workers to sellers, from teachers to doctors …

So when will you wait? 15, 25, 35 or more?

The easiest and most simple way to come to answer this question yourself is to compare Sofia and Tom, looking at 2 short english rollers.

This «lady» is the most famous modern android. She has a human-like Mimican (a new 23rd version has a similarity of «skin» and «Mimic muscles»), speaks into English and in Chinese, can recognize people and interact with them, establishing visual contact. Her intellect is able to improve and develop. But now she has achieved a considerable, regularly falling on the covers of glossy magazines and becoming the first robot in history who received the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

It can be bought for $ 80 thousand with delivery after 7 weeks. And with due skill, its owner can work well on it: the first NFT art work of Sofia in March sold for $ 688 thousand, and the day before yesterday was put by a whole pool of its new art works, allegedly $ 2-3 million

Sofia is already advertised to replace people in working with children and the elderly. And subsequent versions are positioned as social workers and sellers.

It doesn’t matter that there is much more deftly robots and much more intelligent IA for the game in go. Integrally Sofia is the most visual example of today’s technologies.

Spend a couple of minutes to this video to feel what kind of abyss separates the possibilities of volume from what Sophia can.

But Voicechchi from Sofia, Tom can not be bought. It exists so far in a single copy that it did not prevent his authors to win a «silver bear» at the recent Berlinale.

As you can see, volume is almost no different from a person, but in many ways even surpasses it. He has a Google memory and, at the same time, perfectly dancing. He remembers all world poetry and professionally reads verses in the original language. He is deft and skilled in everyday life and at the same time can be a designer, designer and psychoanalyst.

But most importantly, he is able to be

But in the addition of Tom also capable of materializing its knowledge as

The fundamental difference between Tom from Sofia is not that Tom knows how to laugh sliding, running barefoot on the grass (on the part run, Boston Dynamics robots are no longer worse than).

And of course, not at how good it is in sex (modern sex dolls is no longer much weaker in this matter).

And we still:

From how much time will need to solve two named puzzles, will depend on how far we are far from creating a human-like AI.

And while the ideas of the solution of both puzzles are checked by the experiment, we can assume that