Hope to slip without locked — dangerous error

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Sustainable economic recovery will depend on overcoming the crisis in the health sector. But this crisis is impossible to avoid, without swaying the rate of spread of the virus. Such is the unambiguous output of the IMF report

The concept of Great Locking will enter the historical dictionary of the 21st century like the Great Depression of the 20th. Over time, all aspects of the Great Lokdaun will differ in the bones, in order to understand what was done correctly, and what not. Including the question of the relationship of the consequences of Lokdaun for the economy and the health system is the subject of fierce disputes.

A serious attempt to place a point over I in these disputes has taken the IMF, which is in open access not only analytical conclusions of experts, but also all data with calculations. This allows you to look at the economic crisis and the health crisis through the prism of operational data on 128 countries.

I repeat again.

According to the withdrawal of the IMF,

There is no compromise between the salvation of lives and support of the economy.

And it seems that this conclusion answers the question — «

Thanks for watching! Put husky I.