Great Digital Cultural Revolution in China

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The day before yesterday 14 Chinese content platforms (incl. Douyin, Chinese original Tiktok, news aggregator Jinri Tutiao, Weibo Messenger, Video Hosting Tencent Video and other services owned by TENCET, BYTEDANCE, etc.) announced that they are injected at home

This means that on the way of building a «new type civilization» per year of the «great fracture» (

Methods of construction

✔ ‘defeat Bigtech with the deck of oligarchs in order to send them billions where the PDA will say (3)

✔️ adoption of laws, in fact, launching the nationalization of data and strengthening regulatory authoritarianism (

Now the CCP took up

Directions of transformation of digital culture elected PDA with knowledge of the case.

As commented on

As Guanman writes, the goal of Xi Jinping —

I believe that about bright, healthy … culture, is the tenth thing. But what to control — this is the truth.

A number of experts believe that the 2nd Cultural Revolution will have aspirational consequences for the Chinese economy as 1st. These fears are seen exaggerated. China has gained too much power. See for yourself.

And in order to assess the speed with which China overtook US, take a look at this infographics (China is stronger than a few of his pursuers taken together)

And on this (similarly — China is stronger than a few of his pursuers taken together):

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