Ghost wanders on the planet, the ghost of transgumanism

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Two very significant events of this week — (1) in the literature and (2) in the development of AI, — amazingly agreed in their base thesis.

The basic thesis of both texts is the same.

In the pelleva novel:

«In the future, rich people will be able to separate their brain from the old-fashioned body — and will live almost forever in a special» cannon «measurement. There will leave leaders, world oligarchs and world order architects. Everything will be possible there. But not everyone will be allowed to the bank. On Earth there will remain a green posturbarbon civilization, reduced to the sizes of the service personnel, and servants of biorobot «

Little familiar with the state of affairs in the development of AI, such a forecast seems to be an anti-duke gun. They rely on the commodation of the AI applications that, in their opinion, will lead over time to the radical cheaper application and make them available for most (such as modern free application applications, generating texts and all sorts of games with photos of themselves and others).

Here is a typical example of such a reasoning.

At the same time, Clark is one of the most knowledgeable experts on AI in the world, fame in circles of developers are not inferior to Pelevin in the modern Russian Litbonde (google, if anyone knows).

The logic of «Manifest» Clark, represented by the Stanford Hai, is not more complicated by the logic of the «Manifesto Communist Party» of Marx and Engels.

What does Clark offer?


Clark’s proposals logic.

A) the further development of the AI decisive depends on increasing and improving

B) Revision and training of large models — a very expensive thing. And therefore it is done now only by the whales of Bigtech. They take themselves academic development of such models and improve them without «academicians.»

C) «Academicians» are further out of the game. And the whales of Bigteha, even with creak, but still forced to share the achievements of large models with the government.

D) If everything is to leave, the Bigteha whales and high officials will remain the main beneficiaries of the development of AI. And most people will only get the negative effects of introducing increasingly powerful applications (such as total control, etc.)

E) only one thing can change the position of things — large models should be trained and improved not by Bigtech, but in an academic environment (and Clark writes how to go to it)

Most likely, Clark whales Bigtech will respond to the «Manifest» just like on the Roman Pelevin — they will not notice or are cough (as it was with the film «Social dilemma»).