From all-seeing eye to the all-knowing god

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Even the coolest of modern systems of recognition of individuals, poses and gestures — just children’s toys compared to the surrounding future systems.


All these fantastic features of AI will receive, if they teach it with the help of this, collected specially equipped drones.

After all, what is the hitch now? It just lacks data to teach a person to understand the behavior of a person. Where would this data come from? You will not plan the same thousands of volunteers for weeks, for example, to open and close the umbrella, so that the AI learned to recognize these two primitive actions.

The breakthrough idea was that drones can be used that will be observed. And not just look at their actions, but see these actions as people simply cannot: changing the angles of view, wide-angle coverage of the lens «fish eye» (180+ degrees), night vision, RGB, in the infrared range, etc.

Newest Development —

And it may well be that very soon problems shot by the police by mistake guys will be much less. For killing will not be.

In the picture under the heading of the post, real examples of video actions in the DRON-Man Data Set.

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