Factacheking only worsens the situation

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Imagine that people finally got to someone else’s planet, which also turned out to be very similar to Earth. You can breathe. There are water and food. Heat and moderately wet. The beauty!

But a month after the landing, the members of the expedition began to notice oddities. On this planet somehow otherwise the perception of information is working, its assessment and further transmission during social communications.

Further more … and worse. Members of the expedition began to fall into heresy, angry and declare dissentless with them. There was polarization and split.

Then the special group of psychologists — rescuers arrived from the ground. Quite quickly they found the cause of what is happening.

Then psychologists began total monitoring of fakes in the media space of the expedition. And each of the believed fake began to send a notice: «This information was subjected to professional facts. He showed that this is a 100% fake. And that’s why …».

The result was terrible.

The new planet is called «Social Media».

The report «Special groups of psychologists», unsuccessfully trying to put out the fire split, just published and entitled «

The summary of the report is very sad.

It’s a pity. But when the first expedition was preparing for the Planet «Social Media», no one assumed that most earthlings move very soon there. And if now they are not transferred to each other, mankind is very lucky.

Thanks for watching! Put husky I.