Experimentally confirmed by the basic unique difference between Homo

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

We are not a crown of nature, but only one of the possible options of the mind created by evolution on various «technical presses».

There are several hypotheses that answer this question. But we never know the exact answer. For the earth evolution is a unique experiment. And how there was exactly no one to prove.

At the same time, everyone agrees that the uniqueness of people in the ability to create and manipulate very complex structures: language, mathematics, music … But such an answer only generates new questions.

New study

It turned out that the rights were Galilee, —

Research experimentally confirmed —

A simple task is to find which of the six geometric figures is different, performed by people and baboons completely differently. People, regardless of the culture and formation, are sensitive to the presence of geometric patterns (straight angles, parallelism, symmetry …) and even the elementary tasks of visual perception do not exactly as baboons.

To explain the recognition of objects with baboons, the model of the ventral visual path is sufficient. But to explain the recognition of people a symbolic model is necessary. These results prove:

For reference.

The presence of people in people to operate with intuitive geometry of polygons can also become

Polygonal graphics (a picture consisting of polygons — polygons) appeared in 3D modeling to create video games. There, the polygon is the minimum surface, the element from which the frames of forms of any complexity are folded. The more polygons, the more detailed the model will be.

The advantage of such a representation of the 3-dimensional world is that the objects of polygonal graphics have a low resolution that provides a high speed of rendering. Displaying an object as if in the form of its framework allows you to save the resources of the computing device to implement a more advanced mind.

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