Dialing strength, plunging into the storm

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл


The project AI 100 has two key differences that determine its unique value.

The first 2016 AI 100 report came out 5 years ago. And if someone did not read, it makes sense.

But the main thing is to read the new report 2021 AI 100, because This is The Must Read. And not only for those interested in the topic of AI, and for all. For even if this topic is not close, it will not save you from the impending storm. The world is approaching the center of the anticyclone «widespread II», which will drastically change the life of society and ourselves.


Only for 5 years:


If you try to reduce all 14 answers to the same final formula, I would say so.


✔️ for the benefit of mankind?

✔️ or for the benefit of selected groups of interest?

WORK PRICE OF THE REPORT 2016 Project Initiator