Deepmind challenges God, Nature and Evolution

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Do you doubt that people are surpassing any of the possible AI creativity?
Then what do you say about the project, whose goal to surpass the creator itself?

✔️ There will be no differences between organisms and machines in this world, since there is no separation between the agent and the environment.

✔️ Here, the principle of the emergence and development of intellect is not the evolution of living organisms, but the evolution of self-organizing reasonable matter (Self-Organizing Intelligent Matter), which I will be called the Ocean.

The ocean consists of atomic elements capable of neural operations and interacting through the exchange of information on the basis of physico-similar rules characteristic of the environment.

The evolutionary process going inside the ocean leads to the emergence of various organisms (consisting of many atomic elements), which can coexist and flourish in the ocean environment.

Since there is no concept of «agent» in this world, and there is only an ocean environment, there is no need for the emulation of such a world; there is two different platforms (as in our world) — one for the physical part (physical beam simulator or robot) and one for the neural part — Neural texture, such as TensorFlow, Pytorch or JAX. As a result, the authors were enough to emulate the ocean of one JAX platform, on which they experiment.

Fasten the basis of the general algorithm for generating AI in the ocean environment.

To understand what physics is necessary for the explosion of diversity and lifting of intelligence.

This is what (among other things) are engaged in the company No. 1 of the World Development. And someone else asks where Deepmind has billions of R & D budgets. Not surprised if, among other things,

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