Death or take off, that he carries us — turn to basic models

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

For the overwhelming number of readers, the term

Training machines on basic models has two fundamental features that allow us to talk about

Therefore, there will be no exaggeration to say that the transition to the basic models of training machines will entail:

Just imagine.

Google search engine (created on the BERT basis) for 4 billion earthlings exercises 6 billion search queries per day.

The GPT-3 natural language processing system from OpenAi, used by tens of thousands of developers more than 300 applications, generates 4.5 billion words in Lena, which will allow it to make more texts by the end of the next year than it was accumulated by humanity for the entire procumbewrite era.

After all, the basic models are those models from «Clark Manifesta», which he called for a mass reader more familiar to them the term «large models».

This is a new generation of models that can open for people unprecedented earlier material and intangible benefits, which:

In addition to the exacerbation of inequality and centralization of power, the dissemination of applications based on basic models, capable of provoking

Finally, we can not even imagine

Read more about the prospects and risks of basic models, read the CRFM — Stanford Center for Man-Oriented AI (HAI) on the study of basic models (it was here who performed with his «manifesto» Jack Clark).

Under the report, the co-author of the co-director HAI and the former head of Google Cloud AI Fay Fay Lee

The authors write:

• It is necessary to hurry to lead the basic models from under the complete control of the whales of the Bigtec movable only to business motivation;

• Urgent infrastructure creation is necessary for public projects of AI, similar to the Hubble Space Telescope and the Great Hadron Collider.

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