Cyber-Power of Russia turned out to be Brazil in football

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

75 years of the world keeps the strategy of guaranteed mutual destruction. Race of arms does not allow to get a strategic advantage. The speed of development of technology allows the enemy to quickly make the same «sword», as his opponent came up, or come up with an effective «shield» against the new «sword» of the opponent.

The only way to get a strategic advantage —

260 Page Report of the Center for Excellence of Cooperation in the field of CCDCoe (CCDCOE)

From the report follows:

Briefly explain all 3 key points as they are set out in the NATO expert report.

1) Attempts to find asymmetric strategies in physical space were not crowned with success. The most famous history is the «Star War Program» of the United States. «Russians play chess with us, and we are in the» monopoly «. The question is whether they will be able to put a mat before we go bankrupt,» said the Jean Kirkpatrick, then the United States Representative in the UN. However, this most expensive attempts to obtain an asymmetric strategic advantage failed.

And so the new battlefield appeared — cyberspace. And it turned out that here the receipt of an asymmetric strategic advantage is possible.

2) The two most powerful enemy of the USA — China and Russia — have fundamentally different cyber strategies.

China’s strategy is the development and export of the world alternative authoritarian technology development model.

Russia is the main and, in fact, the only US opponent in cyberspace

3) this is the strategic advantage of Russia in that

This will allow Russia to do

Details B.

And his online representation.

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