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All three elements of this trend are unpleasant to society. But 3rd is also extremely dangerous. After all, global risks are growing due to the complication of the world, due to increasingly complicated technologies.

The exit from this deadlock is not possible until the mechanism of the total polarization trend is understood. Attempts to clarify and describe this mechanism using the results are far from the most famous, but really breaking interdisciplinary works, I have been doing no first year.

And today I am glad to share with you extremely steep and very promising news.

For the first time, it was possible to create and verify the model of the mechanism to generate a total polarization trend in a society splitting it on

This discovery is a very convincing confirmation on the mathematical model of the hypothesis that


H Aircraft polarization of developed societies is a fact experimentally fixable and almost unacpended. However, about the reasons for this phenomenon, there is no consensus. And the hottest discussions go around

The facts are as such (since this is not a scientific article, I will not climb the text with links, but if you need, I will be ready to give them to dig deeper).

I will explain. When a correlation is observed in people’s responses to interrelated questions from intersecting (or at least contacting), this may have a logical explanation.

For example, answers to the question about

C Avenue Interdisciplinary Work of the Institute of Physics at the University of Humbolt, the Center for Adaptive Rationality Institute of Max Planck, Research Institute IRIS Adlershof and ISI Foundation is called

On the models created by the authors they managed to detect

In the process of such a coevolution, not only polarization of opinions is possible, but also the growth of Issue Alignment (the consistency of opinions) in different ways would seem at all over intersecting topics. The result of which is spontaneous appearance

Here is an example of a pair, it would seem that absolutely not related issues. However, according to one of them, one of them can determine the «ideological / ideological camp» of a person and thereby predict the answer to another question. What confirms the formation of «ideologized polarity» of opinions. As if each of the two groups has its own ideology, which determines the position of the group members on any of the questions.

✔️ Should transgender people use the toilet for sex by birth or should they allow the use of the toilet for the floor, which they chose themselves?


Emergen phenomenon was discovered by the authors when they occurred to be used in their study long-known formalism (

Representing the opinions of many people in the multidimensional space of the slash coordinate system with

The resulting model space consists of three scenic areas.

▶ ️ Scenario

▶ ️ Scenario

▶ ️ Scenario

The main chip model is that it reflects the dynamics of opinions immediately on many issues / themes. This is how it looks like.

As a result of multi-step temporary modeling, the opinions of the social network participants come to a certain pseudo-stationary state (

E articulated, this work has weaknesses. For example, — the maximum minimalism of the model by the number of parameters: homophilia (two agents that share similar opinions interact more often), overlapping topics and dispute. Other weakness — the exact formalization of the degree of overlapping is not painful.

Both are fixable. The authors are going to improve it in the next release.

The main thing they did. Invented an excellent model and checked it on polls. The result of the verification showed —

That’s what it looks like.

The figure shows the following.






The consequence of the «ideologized polarization» of society becomes

The best of the analyzes of this phenomenon known to me in the book

And if you do not find the time reading this almost 300 page text, I recommend reading at least a wonderful

We use here by the deposited formulations of Allen Buchenane to summarize where the world is leading to the «tribes», which adhere to polar ideologies.

From myself only add.

After all, even if the cultural wars of trabalism will not turn into hot nuclear powers in hot wars, the absence of a global consideration will not allow one of the global calls to overcome.

And what kind of global consensus can be said if, even at the level of individual states, two irreconcilable «tribes» will stand on their last.

Although not. Not infinite. And even finite. For even at today’s level of global risks, if you do nothing, then you do not have to count on more than a few decades.

Thanks for watching! Put husky I.