Compass, powder, paper, typography and «Digital Silk Road»

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The speed of civilization changes is rapidly. Analysis of economic, geopolitical and military aspects of the superpower competition does not have time to adapt to these changes. And therefore, analysts are still focused on obsolete indicators, such as GDP, or in pursuit of High switch to chimeric indicators, type of leadership in the field of AI.

Meanwhile, China, who once brought into the world civilization, four great inventions — powder, paper production, printing and compass, are again close to reaffirm the leadership in the field of global innovation and with their help to win a superpower competition.

At the same time, China has two colossal advantages that play a large role in the 21st century than the population and natural resources (although they are still important).

The essence of the project

Objective of the project

Governments of the emerging economies, attracting China to create a national digital infrastructure, imitate the Chinese approach to data management in the desire for «data sovereignty» and Chinese digital development methods. The «Digital Silk Road» of China is a large-scale attempt to create physical components of digital infrastructure (eg, fiber optic cables, antennas and data centers) to increase the functional compatibility of digital ecosystems — materializes in developing countries «Beijing Effect».

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How it can happen, and whether it is possible to prevent this, read in the 59-page work

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