Circle us not alone idiots

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The world is chosen from the polarization of opinions, scientific hypotheses and moral and ethical discrepancies. On any important issue — from warming and GMO to masks and vaccinations, — supporters of opposing positions in the battles of disputes lose friends and remnants of faith in the rationality of opponents, increasingly leaning towards the irresistibleness of cognitive distortion and vices of thinking of people leading in the darkness of intellectual blindness.

Light of Light In this, a new breakthrough hypothesis may become faster than the dark kingdom.

This hypothesis:

Supposed by freakon new «

Vojotovich and Dedeo went like, offering

If curiosity encourages to look for answers to important questions, then

In the work of Vortyovich and Dedeo:

Maximally simplifying, it can be said that explanatory values are divided into two groups:

If you find a balance, the opponent may agree. But finding a balance between many explanatory values is a complex cognitive problem.

The authors lead examples of the balance between explanatory values:

Especially interesting examples given by the authors

For example, the story of the terrorist from Oklahoma-City Timothy Macvea, which was arrested shortly after the explosion for driving without a license plate with a charged pistol on the passenger seat. It was difficult for people to understand how a criminal genius could be such an careless goat. And therefore, many were much more easier to believe that Macway just became a scapegoat in the conspiracy of the elite.

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