China wins in a large technological saptery with the USA

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

So I

It is in this race that will decide
(1) Who will become the world leader in the 21st century, and
(2) What type of civilization will become a sample to follow the earth.

Over the past year I wrote a lot and told about the race, and about the already beginning Svaru. But readers are better to see it once, covering one look at the situation at once in 9 commercially interesting and already developed areas of the US and China competition.

In addition, there are other commercially promising areas (such as quantum computing and infobiotuch). But they are still formed. And to sum up the fights of the United States and China in them yet early.

But in 9 already defined areas, everything is clear.

China reacts like this:

Sources of the above analytics and comments for it see


The cause of US and China’s worldviews occurring in the asymmetry.

It is only necessary to remember that in such situations, the root of the lagging harness remains nothing else, how to push the teeth in the side of the coherent root.

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