China creates a «ministry of truth»

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

«The creation of a network civilization is an important comprehensive task, the solution of which is necessary for the construction of a modern socialist country. Inevitable requirements when creating a network civilization are:

So they write the Communist Party and the State Council of China in the newly published «

In the Memorandum, it is emphasized that «To strengthen the construction of a network civilization, we must follow the leadership of Czypine in the specifics of the new era of socialism with Chinese peculiarities, to implement important thoughts of Jinping Secretary General about the network power and fulfill its important instructions on the construction of spiritual civilization, vigorously promoting the basic values of socialism. «

The meaning of this most important for the PDA of the document is that

«Memorandum» has already begun to be supported by the first serious actions. The main thing is to create the similarity of the «Ministry of Truth». It became its basis

At the heart of the latter

Politician Content

Cruelty and terrorism






Violation of the Socialist Lifestyle


This campaign of bulk online denims reminds me of a campaign against sparrows (within «

And then in 1960 it turned out that in the absence of sparrows, the locust lies a lot more rice than the sparrows eaten. And to restore the population of birds, the sparrows began to import from the USSR.

I’m afraid, no matter how I completed the campaign in the spirit of the action already begun «