Bipolar world will not

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

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3:50 US and China determine the fate of the world

5:25 why their fight is inevitable

7:00 In the new economy, the winner gets everything

9:50 US technological vectors and China diverge

13:20 China picked up an American strategy that turned the United States to the superpower

15:30 The course for the transformation of China in the sole world leader recorded a plenum of the Central Committee of the CCP

18:00 How China plans to be independent of the United States in the supply of integrated circuits


25:30 What will change according to the results of the past Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPC

29:20 Now, if you order the party, any Chinese citizen is obliged to become a spy

31:00 But US investment in Chinese business continues to grow

35:00 The essence of the Chinese Strategy «Double Circulation»

38:45 Change of priorities: Bet for digitalization of traditional infrastructure industries

41:00 Poskipatism in Chinese — «Superior Capitalism»


50:30 Macropolo forecast — how will China become in 5 years

55:00 How China leads the world to state monopoly on data


01:01 What is China can pierce