As falling out of time, turn off the freedom of will and experience insight

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This is the third, the final part of the post «Mind is an evolutionary compromise in ordering chaos»,

✔️ radically expand our ideas about how the brain generates our perception of the world and ourselves;

✔️ allows you to understand the work of the reason mechanism not only in the «regular» mode, but also in the mysterious «abnormal» modes of the modified states of the mind achieved through meditative «dives» and psychedelic «flots».



But before proceeding to the consideration of the new hypothesis about a specific mechanism for the impact of meditation to work the brain, let’s clarify

Problems with understanding Mind begins with the fact that it is not just some kind of very complex property of the living, but the property of a particular individual, not separable from it.

So one of the fathers of cybernetics would be powerless

But after all and read that on the flash drive, it is impossible without understanding

Understanding all this in the distant 1940, Winner would understand the mechanism of work received from the future flash drive. And then he could read the book recorded on it … Well, otherwise, I would not even try to try.

Here as with the engine. It is impossible to understand the device and purpose of the steam turbine parts, an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, if you first not deal with their principle of action.

And here is an ambush. The hypotheses on the principle of action of the mind is more than a dozen. But they are completely different representing its principle of action. Even in the two most famous modern theories —

And how to be? How to experimentally check which of theories is true? And what is really, the principle of action of the mind?

Any experimental check rests on

That is why the long-term draft experimental comparison of various theories of consciousness, named two years ago

Representation of the project ACCELERATING Research on Consciousness

Where then to take actors with a different type of mind for comparative experiments, and even so that their carriers could be interpreted about their subjective experience of perception, experiences and thoughts during the experiments?

Have not yet found intelligent aliens,

Such states can be achieved with dreams, games on drums, dances, meditation, hypnosis, post, sex and a number of other types of human activity (for more details, see

However, the most consistently intentionally caused changed states of consciousness are manifested only in two research options: studies of psychedelic fleets and practices of meditation.


✔️ second option Consider here. And by the way, this option is the most promising, because managed.



Why is this KiteSerfingist — not a question. Adrenaline’s injection is small where in life can be found. Why does this practitioner meditation — an even more strange question.

That is why there are already at least thousands of years of millions of people practicing various types of meditation. But only now we approached the next chain of possibilities.



Millions of people for 3+ thousand years of use of meditative practices reported that with their help they received access to states far overlooking ordinary consciousness. Meditation helps lead a happier and compassionate life and is the traditional method of treating mental disorders. The number of application downloads for the meditation of awareness is calculated tens of millions. And the number of scientific articles on the topic of meditation is growing exponentially. And at the same time still did not exist a single explanation of how meditation generates its diverse empirical and phenomenological effects.

The absence of a more or less common meditation theory was most likely due to the lack of a single scientific approach and theory until the last time for the understanding of the mind, brain and behavior. However, in 2010, this approach and theory appeared —

In just a few years, on the basis of the principle of free energy (PSE), theoretical frameworks and mathematical descriptions were developed:

In recent years, theoretical works around the PSE and predictive coding were accompanied by significant empirical inspections. As a result, approaches to the predictive coding of the cognition and functions of the cerebral cortex have gained a significant impact in neurobiology, and also stimulated a number of philosophical debates.

In 2021 it was time to develop on the basis of the PSE general theory of meditation, called the authors —


The authors argue that this is not only

That is, if awareness rests here and now, all mental processes that include abstract and temporary deep treatment, should logically disappear, including the feeling of themselves, time, space and presentation of the body. Even seemingly direct experiences, (tea cups in hand) require a complex design of the design from past experience and include waiting for possible changes in sensory information (for example, propriceceptive and sensory changes associated with the use of a drink from a cup).

Moreover, experience is active in essence. Testing any experience means to respond to its capabilities as an agent of this reaction. Thus, if awareness rests here and now, all

The heuristic version of the proposed model is based on the fact that meditation curbs the usual mind trend to abstract from the present moment «here and now.» Figuratively speaking,

To explain this not quite an intuitive process, the example of Fractal Pythagore tree, considered by us in

Recall that the tree is built from squares, which decrease into a square root of two in half (√2 / 2) and recursively arranged so that the angles of squares converge, forming a triangle among themselves. And if two triangle angle is equal to 45 degrees, then the obtained fractal is called the classic Pythagore tree. Here it is in front of you.

The term «counterfect depth» approximately corresponds to the term «hierarchical depth» and «depth / degree of abstraction». For all three terms, it is meant that with an increase in any of these «depths» (and this happens at the same time) increases the volume of hierarchical (i.e. temporal) deep prognostic processing (Deep Predictive Processing) in the brain.

In other words, the higher the Pythagore tree crown:

Similarly, the brain in every moment of time forms our perception on the basis of accurate, unimodal models of sensory representations corresponding to input data (for example, pixels on the screen), transforming them into increasingly abstract, transmodal and deep models (for example, theoretical understanding something).

Meditation is deeply immersed by man at the moment, thereby reducing the brain trend towards conceptualization (abstraction, leading from here and now), as if focusing the eye on the pixels that make a word written on the screen, and not on the words themselves. Such braking of the conceptualization process should also have a deep impact on self-treatment, which is also based on the construction of an abstract model. As a result, it can be said that, as it were, a certain basic «unconditional» state of «pure consciousness» (aware of only the white background, on which individual pixels light up).

Now let’s understand how this process can be treated from the PSE positions.

Let us try to simplify the understanding of this rather nontrivial interpretation to state it schematically.

Any living creature has an internal imperative — by all means survive after birth.

In life practice, this imperative is not expressed not to find pleasures and not even in finding food and sexual partner (these are all the consequences of the imperative action). The physical meaning of the imperative (his foundation in the life of life) is to

To avoid the blurring of its borders, the body makes predictions in many time scales to produce

The survival of the body depends on the accuracy of predictions: its condition, state of the environment and their mutual influence. And here we are faced with a fundamental issue.

For example, in vision, the size of the image on the retina depends on the size of the object and how much it is removed from the observer.

Effective computing solution to this problem is to make the brain

The brain is much cheaper (by spent computing resources) to minimize forecasting errors (medium surprise —

Such is an approximate simplified scheme of PSE. Now let’s look at the meditation process through the prism.

Consider how UMF works on three classes

A) meditation gradually reduces the temporary depth of deep prognostic processing, more and more immersing the practitioner at the moment. This process is gradually cutting (truncated) the branches of the counterfect tree, reducing the brain’s desire to build more and more abstract deep (Deep / Temporally Thick) prognostic models.

B) What is the process of «trimming» of the counterfect tree depends on the type of meditation. Summarizing and simplifying, one can distinguish three main class of decontstructive meditation, separating the common goal —

C) Thus, from the standpoint of UMF and within the framework of the PSE, a sequential transition of practicing from Fa through OM to ND is

This drawing illustrates two aspects of the UMF model. The first and most fundamental offer is shown in the figure on the left. It is that

In the picture on the right, the forecasting hierarchy is divided into three levels.



✔️ ️

FA displays a practitioner from the «narrative» I «in a more experienced and embodied method of being. Then, by falling out of the experience of the present moment (including bodily sensations), the practitioner proceeds into a state in which the experience of experience is considered unchangeable. During OM, certain epistemological


To this end, the figure below shows how each of the three types of meditation, in comparison with the state of the spontaneous «wandering of the mind,» can change the frequency and accuracy of predictions over time.

For example.

During FA meditation

During meditation OM


Please note that for all three types of meditation, the figure shows an example of a relatively advanced practitioner. For a more novice practitioner, as a rule, one can expect longer, more frequent and more volatile predictions at higher levels of the hierarchy.

Thus, within the framework of UMF, it is assumed that the state of Nd is characterized by a collapse of the forecast processes with temporary depth and to minimize the expected surprises.

According to UMF, the vital homeostatic prognostic processes acting at low levels of hierarchy and non-provoking subjective experiences may continue (for example, maintaining body temperature and blood circulation at the required limits). Nevertheless, it is obvious that if a person remains in this state for too long, he, naturally, will die. After all, people, like any living being, evolved to occupy a certain territory, which allows them to maintain their border, do not fall into the entropy, which requires food and drink.

On this I will finish the description of how UMF works on specific meditation classes (wishes can continue to delve into this topic by turning to the original source). We will also have to consider the most interesting thing — what can interest in meditation practices most of the readers.

In prognostic processing, attention is equal to

An example of this can be the movement of the house in the dark and in the light.

At the same time, focusing on the blurred object on the periphery of view (what is it there for a stain behind the chair?), Can be with a greater

At the same time, with some coat it can be so determined by the function of attention:

If a change in belief occurs, this is because new information is considered true, and it can be trusted (that is, it has a high accuracy). And since attention increases the expected accuracy, it seems to modulate the correspondence of reality, increasing the realism or «sense of confidence» of input data. This formative reality effect plays a key role in most meditation traditions.

But there is an alternative way to clarify the generative model

Even in the Middle Ages, Chinese Buddhists approached the ancient Buddhist meditation practice, first of all, as a way to gain access to the world of mysterious, but potentially significant

Learning without facts is a special class of visionary experiences, the result of which the unexpected finding of the decision becomes, or the emergence of a breakthrough idea, or awareness of an extremely interesting perspective, — and all this without receiving any new information.

Interpretation of insights, insights and other training options without facts from the positions of UMF is as follows.

And there, and there is limited to the «input flow» (food or sensory data), due to which the mechanism (providing the livelihoods of the body or the work of the brain on clarifying models) receives an additional resource.

As a result, training without facts allows the brain to build new, simpler models with greater explanatory force.

Buddha called training without facts

According to Buddhism, enlightenment leads to insights. At the same time, instead of tools that people usually use to distinguish true from false, it is offered another, a completely excellent tool — meditation.

Speaking by the language of Buddhists,

And this formulation of the essence of meditation is 100% complies with its understanding in UMF —

In this regard, the question arises.

Recently introduced the term

A striking example of the «drunk» forecast is considered

And this means that meditation studies can identify which prediction classes of evolutionary or phylogenetically «VPYAN» in the nature of people from birth, and which are subject to change.

For example.

According to

And if, according to the hypothesis of Winkelman, MNS is activated in violation of the descending control of the predictive brain, becoming the source of visionary experiences (both psychedelic and meditative), this may disclose new experimental opportunities to study the role of psychedelic and meditation in the cognitive evolution of a person.

It can also promote science in understanding the MNS role in integrating visual experience and behavior in providing a common basis for perceiving itself and others.

If it is available for experiments an ancient visual modality of the presentation of information and knowledge (eoptics — entoptics), activated by psychedelic and meditation, it will be possible to understand the role of MNS in providing closed so far for people

Well, to the practical aspects of the use of meditation and psychedelic

On the neuronal networks and chemical-synaptic transmissions that make up the «hardware base» of the changed states of consciousness in detail in the presentation

Psychedeliki in combination with meditation (about synergies of this combination, see

It means that

Already today, reading neural signatures when visualizing the brain and their interpretation of specially trained AI becomes ordinary practice. The first devices for immersion of a person in a modified state of mind (or transcranically focused ultrasound (TFUS), or the inclusion of neural feedback that encourages the desired mystical state) is also on the market.

And although existing devices (for example,

And then within

Today, all of the above can also seem as metaphysical as this picture of the Seaiter’s sex «Transcendence».