Armor and shells ours, and the brains are Chinese

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Undoubted success of BELLINGCAT investigations were convinced — in a modern transparent infomium, only open sources can be reconstructed and analyzed almost anything.

The Ministry of Defense and the US intelligence went even further, surpassing it «almost.» They showed that working only on an open source, skillful and experienced analysts can reconstruct and analyze even the largest secret of any country — the technological condition and prospects for its most modern weapons.

These experienced analysts became the team of Samuel Bendencete and Jeffrey Edmonds from CNA (abbreviation not in vain looks like a CIA) — Analytical Center in Arlington, working on American military and exploration.

The team of 8 analysts worked for a year over a published report «

In 250 page report, the sea of information. All it is from open sources (24 pages of clicable links).

I will not retell. At current times, when the Retwtim is planted, it is superfluous. Who is interested, read it myself.

I will list only key analyzing thoughts, most interested me.

Russia made a bet on military AI and autonomous weapons.

China was chosen key partner.

Russian-Chinese relations in this area have achieved the highest level in history.

Cooperation of Russia and China in the field of defense technologies is deepened, but it seems that it becomes more secretive.

Work is underway for 20+ military platforms developed by Russian military, one way or another include AI or having autonomy, including «what is called weapons of tomorrow.»

Since Russia is not the main engine of world innovation in the field of AI, China occupies the role of the «older brother» in this collaboration.

Russia acts in a similar role, having an advantage in a set of nuclear weapons, hypersonic planning devices, underwater unmanned devices and hypersonic airbag missiles.

The new report shows:

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