Anthropomorphic Trap Mind

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

Is it fair to assume that Homo Sapiens, who lived 10 thousand years ago, with its creativity (or mind, intellect, etc.) inferior in the 18th century the greatest master of the Master of Musical Instruments Antonio Stradivari? And the last creativity was inferior to modern specialists, inventing and manufacturing unique musical instruments in the 21st century?

Here is an amazing example of the fact that both of these assumptions may be erroneous.

This music machine is a wooden xylophone, — independently plays in the forest 147th Cantatha Baha «Jesus — the last of my joy.» And this tool is unthinkable natural design could well be created 10 thousand years ago. Tree processing technologies then allowed to make this. Yes, and with creativity, it was all in order, which is confirmed by a wide range of guns invented in those long-standing times.

She has become the need to fulfill the Japanese advertising agency Mori Inc. Order of the telecommunications company Docomo on a video advertising a new mobile phone Touch Wood SH-08C is a mobile phone in a wooden case.

Details, as a video was created, see

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As noted by the participants of one recent discussion, in addition

An illustration of such anthropocentricity is, for example, the point of view on art, as an unfamiliar and non-immature manifestation of the creativity of Homo Sapiens, a radically distinguishing his mind from any other type of mind on Earth.

After all, even Stradivarius did not think of this.

Although it is in life an order for advertising something wooden (if there is such a thing as advertising), it would probably be not worse than the creative director of the Mori advertising agency Morihiro Charano.

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