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Has one of the existing brain theories does not explain the wide spectrum of generally accepted and experimentally fixed phenomena at the brain joint and mind. For example, the phenomenal properties of our memory.

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Similar phenomenal properties of memory are inexplicable from the standpoint of even the most progressive and promising from modern theories of the brain and mind —

The spectrum of the experimentally fixed phenomena inexplicable in the framework of the «computer metaphor» includes:

Let’s start with a simple example. Imagine that we have moved to our time of a scientist from the 17th century, let him talk to you on a mobile phone and then offered to think about the hypothesis, as this thing can work. Whether he is at least Galile, but he just sniffs the back cover of the phone and will look for something that says to your voice. Then, finding a speaker, will look for what makes this phytulka so deftly speak for you. And not just to speak, but also intelligently support the conversation. At this, all attempts of the scientist are most likely to end, not give birth to one explaining hypothesis. For it, in principle, it is impossible to understand how a person can hide inside a small typewriter or forcing the typewriter to speak instead of himself.

If we explain to the scientist that neither a person nor his voice inside the phone is not, and this device is simple

With the brain and reason everything is similar. Over the centuries, having solved the riddle, whom the human mind comes from, people used one metaphor after another to somehow explain the abilities of people. Began, a clear case, from the Divine Metaphor — did not help. Through the millennium, progress reached modern metaphor — the brain processes information like a computer. Alas, but this metaphor also does not help to explain where the intangible abilities of the mind appear in the material brain.

However, there is an alternative paradigm according to which

If the ear is a sound converter in hearing, and the eye is a light converter in vision, it can be assumed that the brain is a converter of thought to embodied body acts (mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemical) and vice versa. It is possible to formulate and otherwise:

The fundamental difference between this alternative paradigm is that it is not a metaphor. According to her

Really. It is usually the first thing that comes to the head of people when they are suggested to think about the brain, as a converter of thought in the incarnate acts of the body and vice versa. Many people want to ask right away:

It is not surprising, the answers to all three questions turn out to be in favor of the paradigm «Brain is a converter.»


As a result, mathematics of three great theories at the heart of modern physics — quantum theory, inflationary model of the universe and the theory of strings, predicts the existence of alternative worlds, like the most sophisticated fiction of the series «Loki». And as well as shown in the series, quite authoritative scientific works suggest that signals may leak between the universes, and that the existence of parallel universes can be experimentally confirmed and measured. And in one of the works of Ukrainian physics, Alexander Antonov, it is argued that our inability to detect a huge amount of dark energy (almost certainly the existing in our universe) unequivocally indicates the existence of parallel universes, six of which are directly adjacent to ours.

Agree, all this is no less incredible than the theory of the converter’s brain. Well, talking about the absence of the need to multiply the existence in general is somehow strange. After all, within the framework of the paradigm, the «Brain is a computer» there is no satisfactory scientific explanation to a whole number of experimentally confirmed phenomena, such as terminal clarity (Terminal Lucidity) — an unexpected return of clarity of mind and memory in a few hours or days before the death of patients suffering from severe mental or neurological disorders .


However, it is indeed for the theory of neural transduction of the brain of experimental confirmations. But from the fact that the theory has not yet received experimental confirmation, it does not follow its scientific inconsistency. The special theory of Einstein’s relativity (published in 1905), and then the overall theory of relativity (published in 1915), did not receive direct and convincing experimental confirmations for many years. The curvature of light under the action of a superheavy facility was experimentally fixed only during the eclipse of the Sun in 1919. The gravitational red shift of the light was experimentally measured only in 1959. And the prediction of the existence of gravitational waves made by Einstein within the framework of the general theory of relativity was confirmed by direct experiment only across the century — in 2016


And then there is a fundamental question.

Based on the ideas of modern physics, Multi-Verse with his many alternative worlds (universes) fits into a completely scientific worldview. Our world is just a special, perhaps a unique universe, where the prevailing laws of physics predetermined the birth of life, and the evolution led to the emergence of people. What other worlds represent themselves, you can only assume. But in any case, among them there may be worlds with other laws of physics, including the physical worlds of intangible reality.

Such ideas exist in people no longer the first thousand years. Almost all religions teach that there are intangible worlds that go beyond the reality known to us. As for scientific ideas about this, then since the late 19th century, the father of American psychology, founding the first laboratory of experimental psychology in Harvard

Being Professor Harvard, James was a transdisciplinary thinker in areas of physiology, psychology and philosophy. He argued that the Universal Consciousness radiates the human consciousness in our brain «like a lot of end rays», just like the sun radiates the rays of light on our planet. According to him, our brain, being limited in their capabilities, is usually filtered and suppresses real consciousness, sometimes allowing you to shook out the «flashing glimpses, illumination and knowledge flows.» He called this idea

Modern mind theorists who took the relay of James’s ideas (Australian philosopher

They argue that to understand the diverse attributes of consciousness associated with neural networks, but not conducible to them, it is necessary to take more closely on the structure of reality through the prism of the theory of complexity and transdisciplinary synthesis of neurobiology, phenomenology and psychology.

And yet, even if we take the brain hypothesis as a basis, as a signal converter between realities, some readers will still require a response to the next question.

The theory of neural transduction has nothing to do with religiosity or mysticism. Speech is not at all about mediums, telepathy, psychocynesis, communication with the dead, move in time, etc.

If the parallel universes exist (which is very likely, based on modern scientific ideas), they are not some «subtle worlds», free from the laws of physics and inhabited «spiritual entities.» According to many leading physicists,

Setting the issue — which at the other end of the connection of our consciousness with another world, «is based on the anthropocentric submission that in the process of human communication there must be another personalized party.

Such a peculiar approach is well described

Malyanov comes to the thought that someone stands for all these oddities, who do not like his scientific research strongly, and these «someone» are trying in every way to prevent the continuation of work.

But as it turns out, such personalization of the causes of the damnity is erroneous. For all this is not worth it personally. And this is not even perfume, gods or demons.

Similar to the described structure of the highest neglected causality, you can imagine the communication of people with other realities at the other end of the end. Of course, to present such our limited mind is very difficult. Our consciousness is limited to the experience that we get in life, watching the world and yourself. It only seems unlimited. But it is not. We are only part of the observed system. Moreover, observed only for a fleeting time of time. This is a classic example

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