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L. S. Vygotsky «Problems of development of the psyche»

B famous bestseller

But the focus is that the future, about which Toffler wrote half a century ago, has come. And humanity still continues to wait for the cardinal transformation of the world and themselves only in the future.

Still believed that only after dozens of years when people replace

Unwillingness to recognize that such a postponement of the future that has come to the next future is a colossal cognitive distortion of reality in the collective mind of humanity.

Tens of millions of years needed evolution to create an advanced biological intelligence of mammals working on the basis

When a few hundred years ago, the further development of mammalian biological intelligence persecuted in the scale limit and properties of this hyper-network, the evolution found a way to overcome these restrictions. The only appearance of the genus Homo is a reasonable man — became the owner of a fundamentally new type of hyper-network. it

But the cognitive culture has its own limit, both in terms of the potential scope of its expansion, and in terms of its immanent properties. Further evolutionary development of the biological mind again rested into these restrictions. But the evolution of non-stained.

At the turn of the 20-21 centuries, a new type of hyper-network has reappeared again —

Being a new «engine» of the evolution of biological intelligence, the algocognitive culture is intended to go beyond the intellectual boundaries of people as purely biological agents, and challenges unresolved in the framework of the cultural exchange, creating and developing new classes of sciences, technologies and practices.


K The world occurs an unprecedented event with potentially serious negative consequences, it is important to understand:

When such events go one after another, the answer to this question becomes critically important.

You do not need to be an expert to notice the growing frequency of the appearance in the world of «black swans». Take at least such a number of phenomena and events.

Each of these phenomena and events is quite drawn on the «Black Swan»: nothing like that has never been, and the consequences of this can be very serious.

But why did the «black swans» be so different? After all, the fact that they began to fly the packs, and also a kind of «black swan». Never had this, and here again.

Maybe this is still hiding some common fundamental trend?

If so, then I would like to understand what kind of trend, and that he can also bring in the following hand turns.

Let’s try to rob. If we assume that all of the above is somehow connected and is a consequence of some fundamental processes, to begin with, I would like to understand.

Recently, when discussing my post about the total polarization of society in the context of evolution, a well-known Russian scientist and recognized expert on universal evolution and singularity

If A.D. Panov right, then

And if so, then the epoch trend, with which humanity faced may be caused by some

N.B. Under the singularity here is a evolutionary singularity, and not the beloved horror stroke of techno-prophets and Hollywood — techno-peculiarity, which, supposedly, will come due to the appearance of artificial super-intellect on earth (about the exposure of this myth, I have already detailed

Continuing to develop the logic of this hypothesis, we come to the next question.

HELL. Panova calls what happened

Speech about the so-called

Let me remind you that mean (more about Wilson’s theory and Lamsden see my

By the 20th century, the role of culture in

The end of the 20th century was characterized by the rapid development of information technologies, the result of which was the creation of the first global information network on Earth —

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the mass distribution of the Internet and the colossal growth of the World Wide Web, the audience of social networks and the number of mobile users (first of all, at the expense of smartphones). As a result, occurred

All of the above paragraphs have not been interested in fundamental doubts, because it is confirmed by the abundance of the facts that can be found in one and a half hundreds available for downloading monographs and articles on the topic of cultural evolution, genetic-cultural evolution, bioocultural evolution, the theory of double heredity (all this is pretty close concepts) that can be found, for example,

But now, in the presentation of the logic of our hypothesis, we approach important, but unfortunately, so far a purely speculative assumption (quite, nevertheless, like the truth).

Following the quantitative explosive jump, the share of information and knowledge drawn by individuals from the collective memory of mankind,



C began to clarify the concept of «culture» in the context of the evolution of Homo Sapiens.


Attempts to generalize a set of definitions lead to

Such a generalized understanding of culture is rather capacious and at the same time comfortable. However, in the context of the topic under discussion, it does not get an evolutionary anthropological meaning. Replenish it using

Developed by Donald interdisciplinary theory, based on paleontology, linguistics, anthropology, cognitive science and neuropsychology, also called

Her central thesis is that during the evolution of people, nature has developed a completely new cognitive strategy:

In this theory, the concept of «culture» is interpreted in the cognitive-evolutionary context of hominids. At first glance, this interpretation is extremely simple.

For the seeming simplicity of this wording, it is possible that the deepest and important of the existing concepts of the cognitive evolution of man.

Here is a summary of the five basic provisions of the theory of the cognitive evolution of a person developed by Merlin Donald


✔️ first feature is

✔️ Second feature is the appearance of people

✔️ these two features determined

✔️ This unique trajectory of evolution led to the creation

The strongest (17 min) and simple (mainly consisting of pictures) explanation by Merlin Donald’s uniqueness of the human mind in the context of the theory of cognitive human evolution is given below (presentation slides can be downloaded

And this is already a 1.5-hour story.

Created by Merlin Donald The theory of cognitive evolution is described in detail and analyzed by the author in two

From the theory of Merlin Donald follows the most important scientific conclusion.


** — ** — **

Since the publication of the main works of Merlin Donald on the theory of cognitive evolution of a person has passed more than 15-25 years. Since then, repeated attempts have been made practical linkage and integration of this theory with other well-known

Theories understanding of someone else’s consciousness

As part of this approach, the theory of understanding of someone else’s consciousness considers communications between people in terms of the conclusion about the behavior of others (and our own behavior). The basis of such a interpretation is the premise that our feelings are largely generated by other people like us. This means that we are trying to conclude about how our feelings are inspired by others, while others are trying to conclude about our behavior. In other words, the sensations caused by others and themselves are generated by the same process.


At the heart of any culture lie

These boundaries, in fact, are the value limiters of any social, economic and political relations between community members and generated by these relations of processes and institutions. They also determine the boundaries of acceptable compromises for community members when colliding with members of other communities.

The most new and promising attempt to practically link and integrate the theory of understanding of someone else’s consciousness with memetics based on

Ttt is a formal theory describing how common habits, norms and expectations are absorbed and maintained with high accuracy and reliability in large-scale sociocultural ensembles. This theory gives a single idea of the cognitive mechanisms involved in the acquisition of cultural people, and operate with such concepts as «common expectations», «cultural evolution» and «cultural inheritance».

According to Ttt, people absorb general habits, norms and expectations of their culture through immersive participation in copying samples of cultural practices of attention and behavior.

For a person, the information obtained in the process of such an output serves as the starting statistical patterns that people are used to predict and organization of behavior.

In the context of the topic we discussed, the following differences between memeticism and the theory of understanding of someone else’s consciousness are fundamentally important.

The processes, resulting in the actualization of the sets of current cultural narratives (from memes, habits and expectations to generally accepted norms), determine the methods and extent of their broadcast forming and supporting dominant valuables. By virtue of this, these processes become an essential cultural factor.

Character of processes

All of the above can be summarized.

** — ** — **


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