AI from Zuckerberg prepare for the US Secretary of State

21 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

The potential of the AI abilities will allow him to:


Here is how it was.

First, II surpassed people in

The first fell bastion

Bastion taken

A distinctive feature of the Libratus AI has become its property.

The victims of the full collapse in the competent (competitive) games, people remained an advantage:

It seemed that there were nothing to catch here. But alas, fell and this, almost the last bastion.

This is strategic

The bust of the options is impossible here. In the shortest 20th chassis, you can play almost 10 °es (this is 10 with 868 zeros). Therefore, Facebook applied a slaughter dual algorithm that combines controlled learning on human data with one-step search with

Wait for the absolute superiority of AI over people in the game Diplomacy is not long. Facebook plans: to use reinforcement training,

Details B.

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