4 US Civil War Scenario

22 октября, 2021 от Kinok Выкл

These are the words of Jack Goldstone and Peter Turkin from their new collaboration «

Goldstone back in 2015 predicted that in the 21st century the United States, most likely, will receive a populist president who will see the vortex of conflicts. And Turchin still predicted in 2010 that the United States moves to «

If you consider it a contrived exaggeration, take a look at the attached photo. Armed people removed not in the DPR. They are in front of the office of Michigan’s governor, where they came on April 30 to protest against the extension of Lokdaun. Take a look at the decisive faces, listen to their chanting «from-Kry-Wai!». There is no one like a quiet Belarusian with their «y-ho-di!» And in addition to the expression of individuals, there is something else.

In the USA 393 million units of weapons — more than people in the country. Of these, only 1 million is registered. This year, weapons sales took off to heaven — people make weapons stocks. According to the FBI, only in July, the Americans bought 3.6 million units of firearms. And the FBI knows that this is only a small part of new stocks.

But the worst thing is not even this, but the inevitability of collisions. For, as Turchin and Goldstone write —

Both parties cannot imagine that their loss in elections may be legal.

Turchin and Goldstone drew the main contours of 4-possible outbreaks of violence after elections. And they are all extremely frowns.

Scenarios as their repayments increase.

In 3 of the 4 analogies of the named scenarios, the leader of the country was killed. Fights continued, despite the change of regime. Those. «Trump here is not the only frostbitten warrior. And actually, not the best warrior. If it won’t, his place will take someone else, «said Selinker. And finishes its analysis by such an appeal to Americans:

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